Saturday, July 5, 2014

Sky Saw by Blake Butler

page 24:

I've spent enough years with my face arranged in books. I've read enough to crush my sternum. In each of the books are people talking, saying the same thing, their tongues slim and white and speckled with the words.

page 57:

Behind her eyes were also stairwells, which also led to something gone. 

page 106:

It replaced the definitions of certain words in dictionaries no one would ever open. 

page 176:

Milk all through the years in lather leather held out only by an idea.

page 183:

The man said I am sorry I could not remember but now I remember many things I think and as time progresses I will continue to remember more things and there will be more things to remember. 


He turned around and found the world.

page 191:

[...] time catching time there where time had meant never to be.

page 219:

Curds of syntax mad in old names.

page 245:

I might look down and find my arms there typing language and believe the language and know it was or I would look down and find the words there in my body written always, I could hold my body as a book, [...]

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