Wednesday, September 26, 2012


My life these days is best summed up by this:

Jack and I moved. From where we were, to where we are now. A more ubran-ish environment where there is only on street parking and I worry constantly what the hell we are gonna do when it starts to snow. However, all this shadowed by the wonderful apartment itself and that we are in walking distance to things. Like a diner. AND THE LIBRARY.

Mmmmm libraries.
Mmmmmm David Bowie.

I'm also getting a new job! Whoohoo! *new job dance*  No more bookselling! Now something different! I don't start that now until another couple weeks, and I actually have to keep my B&N job for the health insurance, but it's nice knowing I'm moving on and up.

More news! I'm getting my nose fixed! I hear you: WTF Kelly? Well, if you've known me more than a few days you would realize I'm always stuffed up. Always sniffling. Always sick with something. So, when I finally did something about it this year, my ENT took one look at my CAT scan and said OH DEAR. WE NEED TO FIX THAT. Sooooo... surgery. I'm excited and nervous and I'm curious as to what the world smells like for real and not through a gooey haze of snot.

Moral of the story is that I'm actually writing again. (In my personal physical journal and not here on the cyberspaces) But that also means I'm starting to write here again. I'm finally getting a small routine going here. The boxes are all mostly unpacked (we have about 6 left with odds and ends) Things still need frames and we still need another freaking bookcase (7! I HAVE 7! and I need more. (that's seven. not seven factorial. If I had that many bookcases, well I'd have a bigger house and would actually have a driveway and not worry about the snow and street parking))

Huzzah! For Change! Huzzah!