Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Rabbit Rabbit (Where'd you put the keys, Girl?)

Holy Fuck.

It's July.

And I still have a bunch of 30 things to do because I'm 30 now to do.

Two years later.


Thursday I apply to grad school ($180 application fee? Really NYU? I'll be paying you enough as it is. I best be getting in)

All I need to do is get one last recommendation in. Then I'm good to go.

I have books to write up. Well Book reviews to write.

2 on the back burner.

Emails to write.
Respond to.

Books to get back.
Movies to give back.

Library fines I need to pay.
Brownies to bake.
(who bakes in the summer? apparently this bitch)

Things to be angry about.

Define "family business." Because the company I work for is run by two brothers. And it's private. Who is to stop them from limiting my access? (I doubt they will mind you. But there's nothing to stop them now)

SCOTUS looks like Scrotum.
We need more ovaries.


  1. Yaay grad school! Once upon a time I should've probably applied to grad school to do an MFA in writing, though I guess once upon a time I should've gone to school in the first place for writing. So there's that.

    Mmmm, brownies. Have you ever made black bean brownies? Somebody made them for me once and I liked them but haven't made them myself. If/when I make them, I'll probably put chipotle or chili or something like that in them. Maybe some sea salt too.

    SCOTUS does look like scrotum. I in fact saw it first on Twitter, and wondering why everybody was hashtagging scrotum. Apparently my writing twitter is acutely aware of women's rights (and them being interfered with). The #YesAllWomen thing was all up in my eyes too.

    1. There is nothing wrong with it being "all up in your eyes." :P

      it's funny only because we were so lucky that we were safe in college. I mean. I walked around town at 2am alone all the time. And I wasn't afraid. It didn't occur to me to be afraid.

      The grad school thing kinda just fell out of the sky and into my lap. I was talking to a friend about how I need a need job and then i got this email about this NYU program. I took it as a sign.

      And it's too damn hot to make brownies. I do make some mean chipotle ones though.

    2. Are you writing?

      Make brownies in mugs in the microwave. Srsly.