Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Time Keeps on Ticking

I've been spending a lot of time thinking about writing and not actually doing it. I keep saying "Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow" and then get distracted by wondering what I don't own a copy of that Scottish play. Then I start thinking about Hamlet and how I only own two copies (The Doctor and Captain Picard one and The Ethan Hawke one) of the movie version and how I should really change that. Then is devolves into OMG DOCTOR WHO IS STARTING IN AUGUST.

Then vacation planning. Which we haven't done yet, but we took the time off. And then money and then school and then it's back to writing again. Which then creates this anxiety that I can't deal with so I have a glass or two of wine then fall asleep.

All to do the same the next day.

It's a shame really. Because I used to write all the time. Everything. I didn't care if it sucked or if it was profound. I just wrote. And I had an audience even. (Go go livejournal go!) And here, I don't know if I do. I know a few of you read it. And then Croatian spam bots. But they haven't tried to comment. It would at least make things a bit more interesting.

I feel better after I write too. Getting that shit out of my head so I can start thinking about other things (and consequentially worrying about other things) But hey, at least it's a different thing right?

I've deemed this summer "The Summer of Tying up Loose Ends." That means confronting things head on and actually doing what I said and promised myself that I would do. Writing here is one of them.

Hold me accountable guys. I need the pressure.


  1. I haven't watched the Dr. Who and Captain Picard Hamlet yet, but I watched and enjoyed the Ethan Hawke Hamlet recently (the novel I wrote in April is Hamlet, with adjustments). Have you watched the Captain Picard Scottish Play? It's Goddamn amazing.

    Now, i want you to consider if you ACTUALLY want me to hold you accountable to write. Do you want to write every day? Every week? Word count goal or page count goal?

    1. (wow blogger being buggy today. go mercury retrograde go!)

      No page out. Not word goal. I'm not looking to write a novel here. or a bunch of non-fiction essays even.

      I mean here. and let's start out weekly. I always have a bunch of shit to talk about that's in my head, personal or not. Might as well write. I need practice. (:

      And i haven't watched that version of the Scottish Play yet. I want to though

  2. Wait....the spam bots are Croatian?

    1. well my google stats say I have people looking from all over the world, and truthfully, I *do* know people from say Qtar (my uncle has been working over there) but Russia, Croatia? Nope. Nada. And page views in the 50s and 60s? Yeah. gotta be spam bots.

      Unless I'm really popular over there somehow....

  3. Hold you accountable? Really? Like, with spankings or something? I don't know... my methods are a bit different now.

    1. wow dude. just wow. :P