Saturday, August 10, 2013


A great thing about my brain eating amoeba named brian, is that I get all this time to rest.

And play Skyrim.

And worry about the money I'm not making.

But really, rest!

Although I wish I could focus on stuff.

Like Skyrim.
Or reading (so many books I want to read!)
Or watching Supernatural. (It's so hard! I just want to see Misha Collins now. I'm not even done with season 1 yet... WHY ARE AMERICAN TEEVEE SHOWS SO LONG??? (I'm way too used to the BBC))

But hey look guys. That's like 3 posts.
Even though this is nothing of substance....

Writing is writing? yes?


  1. Man, I'm used to American shows, and BBC shows are so short that it PAINS me. 6 total hours of Sherlock? That's all we've got? That's a failed first season in America. It's two successful seasons in the BBC. we need some kind of middle ground here.

    Writing is writing!

    1. Also, the CAPTCHA for my previous comment was "98 Tantac" like somebody was writing "tentacles" and got cut off.

  2. It was an elder god. and dude, Sherlock is awesome. and each episode is an hour and a half thank you very much.

    1. oh, an hour and a half, sorRY.

      Oh, Sherlock is awesome. So awesome I want 19 more episodes per season that we'll never get.

    2. That's called "Elementary" and I believe it's on CBS?