Tuesday, June 11, 2013


(My horoscope just explicitly told me that I need to get my ideas down on paper. To make the ideas in my head concrete. I guess I'll listen and actually write. You know how many blog posts I have in my head right now?)

I turned 31 a few weeks ago. 

I started this blog to specifically do things that I never done before. To go on adventures and get into trouble and just expand my life because I'm now a 30-something instead of a 20-something. 

I didn't accomplish much on my list

I did take a yoga class with Kurt. I did better than I expected to and felt more relaxed and alive than I had in a while. But have I gone back to take another class? Nope. Time and money barriers. Well, mostly money barriers because of life things. 

I did go to New York Comic Con. AND IT WAS AWESOME. I plan on going again this year, but 3-day tickets have already sold out. I will try my hardest to get some at least a ticket for Friday and Saturday. I didn't cosplay (dress up) last year due to the fact that I had surgery a few days before hand. But this year I plan to. There's no reason for me not to. Jack and I got some fantastic art that we only recently got up on our walls, and I can't wait to get more. 

Ha! I had forgotten that "visit Atlantic City" was on there! I did! I went to Atlantic City for my birthday actually. I lost $40, went to a club, and danced. Had some tasty drinks too. There may be a video of me dancing on the book of faces... We did take a ton of silly-ass pictures, and for a change, even the silliest ones don't embarrass me. 

3 out of 30-ish items isn't that bad! I do plan on doing the others! Perhaps I'll shoot for 4 this time...


There were some other things I accomplished. Like getting a new job, a new apartment, and an engagement ring. 

It's been a strange year. Finding my voice. Sharing my voice with new people. Going back to my geeky roots and embracing my spirituality. 

I'm reading tarot cards again, and digging into the meanings. I'm finding I'm learning a lot and truthfully, I haven't felt more at home with them. I was told by someone that reading cards was my super power. I don't know if he knows how much that made me smile. 

I'm writing again. Small little poems. Some are actually kind of decent. Others aren't, but not everything can be a winner. 

I'm slowly coming off my medication too. I'm finding I'm more stable now that life has settled down some. Not that I'm not moody still. I'll always be bipolar, but I'm trying to handle it more. Focus my energy differently. Being more aware of my warning signs for a upswing and downswing.  The new found spirituality has helped. Also, pushing myself to actually accomplish things helps too. 

Trying to tear down the walls that I set up to keep people out. Trying not to be the hedgehog. 

Trying to be a child of the universe as well as a child of communication. 

Realizing that I'm supposed to write. That when asked what I would do if money was not an issue, I keep saying that I'd be a writer. Why can't I actually get that through my skull?

So here I am. 
Thing change.
Fuck the status quo. 
I guess I am trouble.


  1. You are supposed to write! I support that wholeheartedly.

    It's funny, while I haven't been reading tarot again lately, it's been creeping back into my consciousness. Maybe I'll start again soon; I have yet to do a reading with my Salvador Dali deck.

    Happy Birthday <3

    1. I've been doing a daily reading for about a month now. And I have been reading people's cards on and off for about 3. The daily readings are really helping because I'm focusing on just one card at a time. I also have about 3 different books that I'm taking all these different view points from. It's pretty nifty actually and I'm loving it.

      Also, yes. I need to write. My next blog post will be your package one. Very photo heavy btw.

      and thank you! <3

    2. You're welcome!

      Super cool, I'm glad! Which deck are you using?

      I should do a daily reading. I also have so few books, other than a super old one I bought because it had full page drawings of the cards. Funny, the things that catch my fancy.

      Eeee! Looking forward to it!

    3. I wish blogger let you reply to replies. It would look nicer on the page and you could at least follow conversations....

      I have the Crowley Deck (Thoth) The one I used in college. Using another deck still feels wrong some how, even though I have a ton of different ones (as you know)

    4. It does let you reply to replies. I mean, it doesn't fully nest it, but if somebody else commented (as opposed to replying) it would left justify again.

      I remember the Crowley deck! I never really had one that I "settled" on. I used the Buckland Romany one for awhile, and still have that very first Rider-Waite. I guess maybe I'm still looking for THE ONE. Or, the Salvador Dali deck, when I use it, will be it. I've thought about making my own, but we've seen my art........

    5. Though it occurs to me I've replied to this with both my blogs. Oops. I browse in Chrome preferably, you see. But use Firefox for the writing blog. Ah well.

    6. When I reply right now, I'm still replying to your original message. Only if you have subscribed to the thread would it notify you that I said something else. I miss livejournal in this way.

      I keep thinking about making my own deck. I don't think I know enough yet for all the cards. But I should start. I like making things.

      ooo remember when we made shrinky-dink runes? I found them the other day!

    7. Yeah, I never remember to subscribe to the thread. Though I have remembered to check it this time, unlike some others. Go me!

      I definitely remember making shrinky-dink runes! I think I made two tarot cards, actually, traced 'em off of the aforementioned Rider-Waite.

    8. although, really no one else comments on here besides you and dave...

    9. Which is more than comments on mine. Well, I get a couple of....Internet contacts? Author strangers? Whatevs. Lots of people comment on my dog blog, but they're still Internet strangers.

    10. I want internet strangers. And i totally forget to read your blog so... i fail as a friend.

    11. Yeah, I guess you do, a little bit ;)

      I think some of my Internet strangers are from the writing message board I belong to. Some are from Twitter, I know.

  2. Haha! Now I've become part of the conversation too!

    1. Congrats Dave! It's only ever you and Jen you really comment consistently. yay comments yay! (: