Sunday, September 29, 2013


So, I work at Trader Joe's. 
For those who don't know about Trader Joe's, 1. how dare you. and 2. We private label stuff. 

We have a seasonal tea that doesn't even try to pretend that it's not Celestial Seasons

So I tell Jack that I'll pick up a bunch because it's seasonal and once it sells out, it's gone. 

Me: Or we can just go to Shop Rite. 

Jack: And what? Creepily smell the tea boxes?

Me: Wait, you don't do that already?

I mean, how else do you find out what the tea smells like?


  1. Why is that creepy?

    I also smell the shampoo, and the detergent. Doesn't everybody do that?

    1. I KNOW.
      I thought everyone did that.

      But maybe he only thinks to do that with soap and not tea

  2. Maybe? I don't know why you wouldn't with tea, though. You can't drink tea that smells bad, and why would you want to brew it? Plus, taste and smell are pretty closely linked.