Monday, April 1, 2013

Doctor What

Oh Moffat. Why do I get my hopes up every time? You let me down time and time again. It's almost an abusive relationship: no matter how much it pains me, I go back to you.

Because there was so much hope in the teaser preview of The Bells of Saint John. SO MUCH. And when the actual episode came on, it fell flat.

Oh yes. And horrible name for an episode that has nothing really to do with the aforementioned bells (spolier alert: it's a telephone ringing) and gets thrown aside quite quickly.

I remember the good old days of Davies: where the first episode of meeting the new companion actually had a plot. Where the companion was dragged along for the ride and mystery of BIG BAD THING HAPPENING. Instead we get Moffat's excuse of an episode that introduces us to Clara in such a boring way. The BIG BAD THING that happens has no resolution. The Doctor doesn't seem to care at all about the rest of people being (spoilers! uploaded). Only Clara. Since when was he so selfish?

The mystery of Clara also gets nowhere. So the Doctor finds her. He didn't lose her again. Bah. Would have been more interesting if he did. Instead we have a boring, almost one dimensional woman with witty lines and a talking speed to match Smith's. I love Clara as a concept. And I love how Coleman portrays her. But her other incarnations were so much more interesting.

What kills me is the potential that this episode had. It could have been so much better. It could have felt like an hour's worth of story and mystery instead of a fast-paced look at how much the Doctor just cares about this ONE PERSON AND NOT THE REST OF THE WORLD. He doesn't even seem to be interested in who/what is behind this whole plot.

So, Dearest Moffat: please stop writing episodes. Or at least ask Davies to write again. Maybe it will counteract your inability to understand the concept of plot and follow-through.

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